• Luxury Mozambican Retreat
    Luxury Mozambican Retreat

    Wide open spaces invite you

Luxury Seaside Holiday Homes

At the highest point of where the Guinjata Bay dunes melt into the calm, warm water of the Mozambican channel sits Villa Castellos. Our luxury fully serviced holiday homes offer a perfect blend of serenity, privacy, safety, exclusivity and adventure.

Guinjata Bay

With its sandy roads and friendly locals, beautiful Guinjata Bay welcomes you. Learn more about our area, what’s available and get some handy travel tips.

Our Private Beach

Spring low reveals a seemingly endless reef with an abundance of marine life right in our backyard.

The Great Migration

The annual migration of humpback whales takes place from July to October. Observe the beauty of these majestic creatures from the highest vantage point in Guinjata Bay.


  • “Located on the beach with gorgeous views and many other activities like fishing, diving, beach picnics and more are all available on your doorstep. Make sure you visit this beautiful part of Mozambique. You will definitely have a great time and leave refreshed.”

    Raymond le Grange

  • “The house, the people, the area is just awesome. We don’t even look for other accommodation. House is luxurious with everything you may need. Housekeeper daily for everything including washing. Fish, crayfish, prawns, just ask. Absolute fantastic view. Can’t wait for our next visit.”

    Martin Diedericks

  • “Villa Castellos is a slice of paradise, an excellent lodge to experience the best of Mozambique. The view is unparalleled, the proximity to the beach is so convenient. The service is fantastic and always friendly, the house itself feels like a palace. I will definitely be returning.”

    Matt Oosthuizen

  • “Most amazing experience! Peak season and alone on the perfect beach. Warm azure waters, sandy beach littered with beautiful shells. Incredible accommodation with best sea views imaginable. And the seafood...”

    Lizette Van der Merwe